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Who We Are & What We do

The African Current Medical Research Limited (LTD) referred to as AfriCMR is a non-governmental and apolitical organization that is committed to improving and strengthening healthcare-related research in Africa. The African Current Medical Research Limited (LTD) is an international research group that has been established to emanate and lead research in Africa and across the world. A team of medical and public health professionals and experts collaborate to enhance the development of research.

AfriCMR Mission and Vision Statement


To promote research, training and capacity building for health professionals across Africa and beyond.


To serve as global leaders in advancing medical research and program management. We are committed to providing current and relevant medical knowledge to our readers and management expertise in public health and health systems programs.


The African Current Medical Research Limited (LTD) leads and participates in research and program management in diverse fields in Medicine and Public Health

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”
~ Zora Neale Hurston

What We Offer

Our Services

We offer strategic, scientific, innovative and sustainable approaches to develop research in resource-limited settings through the following:

Journal publications

managing the peer-review process of the journal and ensuring the overall quality of the journal’s content

Research capacity development

organizing events that seek to improve upon the research capacity (including manuscript writing, grant writing, reviewing etc.) of the medical community

Research data management

**Creating and implementing data management plans for research purposes **Designing policies that will promote the ethical acquisition of data, use of data and the sharing of data. **Building innovative tools for data storage and management

AfriCMR Journal

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The African Journal of Current Medical Research (AFRIJCMR) is a subsidiary of AfriCMR and has been established to emanate and lead research in Africa and across the world.

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